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Our values

The St. Julian’s Rugby Club is a non-profit organization, based at St. Julian’s School, in Carcavelos, and open to any child or young player who wishes to start or continue their development in Rugby.

The Club is registered with the Portuguese Rugby Federation and regularly participates in its competitions, tournaments and gatherings. As Rugby is a global sport, trips abroad are frequently organized for the Club's athletes to experience different realities of “our” sport around the world.

The Club's main objective is to provide players, whatever their ability or experience, with the joy of the game, while at the same time evolving in the sport. Still, as they progress through the ranks, greater emphasis is placed on team performance and competitiveness, while always maintaining the same development values.

Training is provided by a group of qualified trainers who guarantee the quality of our sessions, which are always given in English and Portuguese.

Our training program covers all aspects necessary for the physical, technical and tactical development of a young player. In particular, we focus on developing our athletes' teamwork and technical skills, as well as their physical and motor levels. At the same time, we place great emphasis on the assimilation of traditional Rugby values, which are fundamental to our Club – integrity, solidarity, discipline and respect.

St. Julian's Rugby Club family photo
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